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Extract Lab (2005)

I hear you Knockin', Roadrunner, Little Sister, Summertime Blues, Surfin' USA, Born in Chicago, Boom Boom, Extract Lab Romp

Aeroroot II (2006)

Pipeline, Ballad of John and Yoko, Slow Down, Cold Black Night, Ring of Fire, Up to My Neck in You, You Never Can Tell, As The Years Go Passing By, Rocker

Midnight Flight (2007)

I Can't Explain, Stepping Stone, I Really Like Girls, As The Years Go Passing By, Midnight Flight, The Kids Are Alright, If I Could Quit You, Cold Black Night, Pipeline, Little Sister, You Never Can Tell, Surfin' USA, Extract Lab Romp, Slow Down, Road Runner, The Wind Cries Mary, I Hear You Knockin'


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